Saturday, October 17, 2015

What I’m Watching: Minority Report

Minority Report: Season 1, Episode 4 “Fredi” (B)

I didn’t realize how much trouble this show was until I saw the news earlier this week that this is the first show to have its episode order cut, down to ten episodes instead of thirteen. That’s never a good sign, and it all but guarantees this show’s premature demise sometime very soon. I feel like it’s an unfortunate trend that has happened with so many future-set shows, based mainly on its expense and the fact that its format just didn’t catch on. I’m also more impressed with this show at this point than I was with, for example, “Terra Nova” and “Almost Human,” but it looks like this show is going to share the fate of those two FOX series if it even makes it as far as they did. What was nice about this episode was that it didn’t feature much of Will and instead let Dash take the lead in his new role. He even got the chance to make a new friend, one who was actually quite attractive to him and liked him back. Sheila Vand’s Fredi didn’t turn out to be who she was either, but it was an enthralling ride. What I liked even more was the fact that Agatha had Charles search the database for information on photonic containment based on her vision of the precogs back in their old habitat, and then she coached him on how to get away from the police, instead sending him directly into their line of fire to make sure he gets taken out. She’s definitely the most intense and fearsome of the three siblings despite appearing to be the most unassuming.

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