Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Take Three: Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Needs of the Many” (C)

I’m still somewhat interested in where this show is headed, but I’m just as frustrated with some of the developments. Molly getting ahold of the gun and shooting herself in the head should be a major move, but the fact that she could have avoided being apprehended when HRG showed up to save her and apparently her death barely inhibits the effectiveness of the evo-hunting technology makes it inconsequential. HRG needs to learn to make more helpful statements and requests than just demanding to know what was erased from his memory. It would be useful if the evos were able to utilize their powers more quickly, since there’s no reason that Tommy shouldn’t have been able to immediately teleport away before being told that he had to stay if he wanted his mother to survive, and the priest’s invisibility power isn’t so effective since he has to wait for his body to mist into thin air, which gave Dylan Bruce’s Captain Dearing more than enough time to shoot him. Everything with the northern lights and Nazneen Contractor’s Farah feels too abstract and like it’s taking forever to come together, and the same is true of Miko’s long-drawn quest. It didn’t take long for Luke to reveal his powers to his wife, and I would have thought her glee at watching an evo’s body crumple when she shot him in the head would have inspired her to shoot him on sight, but I guess now he’ll just have to rethink where he stands and she’ll show up to present a major problem just as soon as he figures it out.

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