Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 3 “Thank You” (B+)

I was going to comment halfway through this episode that it featured more deaths at the hand of walkers than we’ve seen in a while, which of course says more about the state of humanity than the state of the world. There was a fatalistic tone to this hour, spoken aloud by Rick when he said that they wouldn’t make it all back and confirmed by the several times that different groups of people got caught with no way out. Most of the Alexandrians, even the smart ones, didn’t make it, but the much bigger and more impactful death was that of one of the series regulars who’s been around since the very beginning. Watching Glenn get mauled to death by walkers, quite viciously at that, was especially devastating since it was Nicholas’ suicide act that caused him to be knocked down into the melee of walkers. Maggie is going to be crushed, and it’s not even a guarantee that she’ll learn of his fate since he’s now just one of a large group of walkers who may never be found. Michonne writing “You’re getting home” on her arm was a formidable display of courage, but that didn’t pan out either, as even his note got trampled and left behind. Rick pledging that they have to go forward for the people of Alexandria was also noble, but firing blindly when he saw people walking next to the RV after killing the man who had baby food was a sign that he has lost his humanity. Panicking when the RV wouldn’t start was a fearsome way to end the episode, and I suspect we won’t learn Rick’s fate for a while since we have to check back in on the misery happening at Alexandria.