Thursday, October 22, 2015

What I’m Watching: Quantico

Quantico: Season 1, Episode 4 “Kill” (C+)

As this show progresses more and more, we’re understandably getting to experience a lot of the present-day goings-on and seeing other recruits in their current states. Shelby has evidently returned to her former lifestyle, jumping from mansion to mansion and practicing a very fancy way of doing things. It’s strange to me just how much all of the recruits believe that Alex is completely and totally guilty, whereas Booth is convinced that she isn’t the perpetrator yet is the one and only person who directly incriminated her and has now made her the target of a shoot on sight order. Simon getting her out of harm’s way when she was about to be arrested demonstrates a certain allegiance, and now we’re going to have to experience Alex torturing Shelby for some information I don’t believe she has. Booth’s decision to go against O’Connor was an intense one that clearly comes with some built-up resentment, and I’m surprised that O’Connor trusts him as much as he does after that. As Caleb becomes a more well-rounded character, Elias continues to be a petty and creepy thorn in Simon’s side who doesn’t add much but does detract quite a bit. For people who are supposed to be keeping secrets, these guys are doing a pretty awful job, namely Booth unintentionally spilling the beans about Alex killing her father to Shelby and then Alex going ahead and confirming it by sharing it with her after all. I guess that’s what keeps it interesting, but it also sincerely wounds the show’s credibility.

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