Sunday, October 25, 2015

What I’m Watching: Grandfathered

Grandfathered: Season 1, Episode 4 “Deadbeat” (B-)

Jimmy is a lot of things, and if being a solid, dependable parent and grandparent is not one of them, neither is being self-aware. Showing up at his granddaughter’s birthday party two hours late because he couldn’t figure out what shirt to wear and then deciding to throw her a comparable bash to prove that he was capable of hosting a blowout party was rather idiotic, and while this entire show is a bit of a stretch in terms of believability, that didn’t help matters at all. Ultimately, it was still entertaining, and that’s why this show is fun and watchable. There were plenty of awkward and uncomfortable moments, mostly facilitated by Jimmy in his efforts to get everyone to like him. It’s funny that Patrick Fischler is the go-to actor for any TV role that requires a controlled craziness, and he was just the person to play Sara’s brother Fredrick, who, like most in cinematic and television situations based on people who just found out they have kids, was erroneously told that Jimmy had knowingly decided not to be involved in Gerald’s upbringing. Speaking of his son, Gerald really is a sweet guy, determined to please his daughter after Jimmy completely misunderstood his request to have Big Bird there. Returning in the chicken costume was nice, and it’s a shame that he always finishes last and can’t get Vanessa to notice him in the way he wants. Annelise’s new role as the bathroom lady wasn’t terribly amusing, but it was a step up from Ken’s imagined competition with Gerald as a surrogate son slash brother to Jimmy.

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