Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What I’m Watching: Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn: Season 1, Episode 6 “Game Over” (C)

I hadn’t realized that the one goal of the good guys on this show was to free Hiro, but it makes some sense that they would want to try to go back in time and stop June 13th from happening as everyone experienced it. Given the original show’s horrendous understanding of time travel, I’m not optimistic about things working out well or coherently (definitely not both), and I was surprised that Hiro wasn’t so eager and energetic as soon as he was freed from the video game fortress. This show has proven itself to be considerably darker than its predecessor, though it still lacks a sense of finality and seriousness that I think would help it considerably. It also seems determined to stick to its comic-book roots, with Tommy discovering a new issue in Paris, thanks to Emily’s apparent interest in and knowledge of books being sold along the Seine, that proclaims him the next big hero. Malina saving Luke from drowning after they both tried to steal candy bars with their powers was an admittedly clever way of getting them to meet and realize that Luke knows exactly where Tommy is, a fortunate fact since he’s just the person Malina is trying to find. Carlos drinking something without really knowing what it is wasn’t smart, but I assume Captain Dearing wants his money back and will actually do what Carlos wanted. Miko ceasing to exist because she was only a creation of the video game is a strange twist, and I assume she’ll be back in some form eventually. I do hope that, whatever events Hiro and Noah succeed in undoing, it doesn’t mean reviving Quentin, who couldn’t have met his dark end at the hands of his sister sooner.

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