Monday, October 26, 2015

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 7, Episode 5 “The Verdict” (C)

This is one case where the sum of the parts just doesn’t add up to much, since nearly all the plotlines fell flat because of this show’s typical tendency to exaggerate for no discernable reason. Gloria’s enthusiasm about being called for jury duty was funny at first, but telling the judge that she knew the accused was guilty would have been a red flag for anyone, and seems like it could even have occurred to Gloria as something that might get her dismissed (I just finished my own jury duty, as it happens). Spotting another guilty man in the courtroom who then ran was amusing, but the plotline was too far gone by that point. Jay having to serve as a parent volunteer was negated by the obnoxiousness of the coordinating teacher, who could have been annoyed enough at Jay for bringing his assistant without having to be so earthy and over-the-top. Claire trying to make decisions in Jay’s absence was painful to watch, and while I’m glad that Haley and Alex respect their mother for taking so much abuse, I didn’t need to see any of that. Mitchell inviting the ex of one of their friends to the party was an unnecessary development that should have been avoided and could have erased that whole plotline from existence. The one remotely decent thread was the one involving Phil’s optimistic worldview which was shattered by a conveniently vague conversation with the man who turned out to be the doctor who had delivered Luke.

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