Friday, October 9, 2015

What I’m Watching: Doll and Em

Doll and Em: Season 2, Episode 4 (B+)

It didn’t take much for both Ewan McGregor-related gets from last episode to essentially vanish into thin air. That bathroom hookup between Ewan and Dolly made it seem like they might actually become something, but instead he just blew her off and was careless enough to take a call from another woman while he was on the phone with Em telling her that he was pulling out of the film. Unsurprisingly, Ewan backing out meant that the whole movie is going to fall apart, and now Em is going to be back devoting her attention to the play. Fortunately, it seems like she and Dolly could use the time together, and based on the aggressive and overzealous nature of their stars, it’s good for the two of them to be on the same page instead of just sleeping in the stands while they perform a scene. This episode made the most of this show’s ensemble, with John crashing Em’s dinner with Mikhail and Evan and Olivia contributing to the stress of putting on a play that’s looking less and less like something two friends wrote to summarize their lives and their friendship. My favorite supporting player is actually Buddy, who, after being completely ignored when Dolly ditched him for Ewan last week, was right there and ready to help her get over him by pretending to be him and making light of the situation. I think she’s too distracted to notice, but she’s found herself a nice guy who seems to have all the right intentions.

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