Friday, October 23, 2015

What I’m Watching: Minority Report

Minority Report: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Present” (B-)

It’s fitting that Vega should have a complicated family backstory of her own considering just how unusual Dash’s childhood was. It’s no surprise either that he was a cop and that he died in the line of duty at the hand of a mysterious assailant. Flashing back to 2048 and using Vega’s birthday as the tipping point for the plot of the episode was interesting, but I do wish that this episode would have had a bit more oomph. I do like Vega as a character and I like that she’s complex and spirited, but this episode just didn’t resound as much as I might have hoped it would. I am fond of how clues show up in the vision and then lead to false positives, like Vega getting the jersey for her birthday and then presuming that because she had it her fate had been sealed, instead of someone else owning the same jersey and showing up later. Dash punching Arthur in the face for not telling him that he got Vega’s name seemed out of character, though it does underline the fact that Arthur cares deeply for his new police companion, and that’s going to make things difficult when Arthur and Agatha have to go head to head with their brother because they believe Vega is going to betray them. Something tells me going back to the old system is going to be Dash’s idea as a way to save someone, which will make right and wrong even more indistinguishable.

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