Saturday, October 10, 2015

Take Three: Blindspot

Blindspot: Season 1, Episode 3 “Eight Slim Grins” (B-)

I was worried that this show was going to meander around for a long time without actually dropping any major hints. That was true, to a degree, in this hour with Jane ready to get all the answers she could ever want from a mystery man who broke in to her apartment save for the fact that he got shot in the head second later. But then it dropped the big bombshell by confirming that Jane is in fact Taylor Shaw, which means that one of the main mysteries has now been solved, presenting infinitely more questions in the process. I’m pleased to see that Jane, which I think she’ll continue to go by despite her newly discovered identity, has been officially promoted and been given clearance to carry a gun, since it’s true that she does do well in the midst of a situation, be it a procedural follow-up or a tense gun battle inside a hospital. I was going to commend Bethany on making a call that is so rarely seen on television or in film, which was to immediately suggest that all the officers on the detail be suspended due to their incompetence. Then it was revealed that she’s actually corrupt and trying to protect something, working with the eternally devious Michael Gaston and concerned that whoever wiped Jane’s memory knows what the two of them are trying to keep secret. That’s some expected intrigue from an unexpected direction, making this complicated web all the more dense and theoretically unsolvable.

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