Friday, October 30, 2015

What I’m Watching: Blindspot

Blindspot: Season 1, Episode 6 “Code Your Soul” (B-)

Another episode, another gunfight. This was a fine episode, but, as usual, it offers precious few clues to Jane’s true identity and the many tattoos on her bac while introducing a plethora of new villains and complications to make the puzzle even bigger and more difficult to solve. A side of Jane that we saw in this episode that we hadn’t really seen before was a very compassionate yearning to help other people and just spend time with them. Inviting her new hacker friend to go for a drink wasn’t an appropriate move, but it was an acknowledgment that she needs someone to be able to interact with who isn’t considering her a specimen or holding on to the hope that she is actually a long-lost neighbor. Asking her security detail to come up for a drink was another attempt to try socializing and being normal, something that she just isn’t going to be able to do. Charging in to save Ava was a sign that she is brave and committed to helping innocents, but it’s not going to help her ease back into being a regular person anytime soon. Weller feeling like he needs to distance himself because his relationship isn’t right is poorly-timed, though it is legitimate since he’s clearly so ingrained it, as evidenced by his father’s emotional reactions to the news that Taylor is back, something which has not yet been confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt. Soon enough, I’m sure another major bombshell will be dropped that will throw the few things the team has learned so far into question.

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