Sunday, October 25, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Grinder

The Grinder: Season 1, Episode 4 “Little Mitchard No More” (B)

I like that every episode of this show opens with an absurd scene from the show-within-a-show that previews the themes of the episode to come, and I was pleased to recognize Emmanuelle Chriqui from “Entourage” as his latest scene partner. I’m equally fond of his real-life romantic interest, Claire, who definitely does not reciprocate his feelings. Every time she shuts him down and indicates that she’s not wowed by him in the same way that every other person seems to be, he just becomes even more intrigued and fascinated. Getting Todd to move out of his office so that she could have one was a nice gesture, but actually reading all of the background checks and trying something new for once – doing work – was what really stuck and proved helpful to the case. I didn’t love the other main plot of the hour, which featured guest star Nat Faxon from “Married” and Alexie Gilmore as a couple who innocently befriended Stewart and Deb with the ulterior motive of getting an in with Dean. It’s natural that anyone would be blinded by fame and the chance to get to know a celebrity, and that Stewart and Deb would have more honest hopes for the human race than to assume that everyone is using them for some nefarious or self-serving purpose. What was less entertaining was when Lyle and Vanessa pretty much expressly told Stewart and Deb that they weren’t welcome since Dean wasn’t there. The star of that particular plotline was David Bloom, who played Kevin on “Wet Hot American Summer,” as Brandon, the lucky kid who got to meet Dean.

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