Saturday, October 24, 2015

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 2, Episode 2 “Chapter Twenty-Four” (B+)

It’s really something to see Jane as a hallucinated bachelorette, exuding much more confidence and self-obsessive behavior than we’ve ever seen from the real Jane. Her post-baby slump in which her family tried desperately to get her to shower didn’t last too long, but the drama of having to choose between Rafael and Michael is quite the struggle. It makes sense that she’s not jumping back into a relationship with either of them, though at least now they’re competing over who can be nicest instead of doing things that upset Jane and cause her to reconsider their connection. Rafael being prepared with a menu of different fry options and where to get them was probably the winning moment in my mind, but the real Jane has yet to decide. I’m thrilled that, following their accidental cruise to Cuba, Rogelio and Xiomara have decided that they want to date again, opting to go through with the annulment but to start back where they were and see where the relationship goes. Rafael’s conclusion that Petra was pregnant with his former assistant’s baby didn’t last long, and Petra is going to feel his wrath, another unfortunate development following the latest backstabbing by Lachlan. Luisa wasn’t doing too well in her new role, and now it looks like she’s headed abroad for a reunion with Rose that may or may not set her back a whole lot in her process of getting back to normal. At least it promises to be juicy and exciting!

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