Saturday, October 10, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Flash (Season Premiere)

The Flash: Season 2, Episode 1 “The Man Who Saved Central City” (B+)

It’s always effective when a show comes right off a major crisis with an imagined scene of happiness before introducing the cold, hard truth. This show has never been especially dark, so the deaths of Eddie and Robbie aren’t as devastating as they might be on another series, but there’s still a definite change in tone. Obviously, the visitor to the impenetrable lab at the end of the episode confirms all the talk I’ve heard about how this show will have a second universe existing at the same time as a result of the rift that Barry didn’t quite close. The Flash being given the key to the city was a nice, affirming event, and fortunately the metahuman who interrupted it didn’t cause too much trouble thanks to some quick thinking and teamwork from Cisco and the inimitable Dr. Stein. Wells leaving a video for Barry in which he gave him the one thing that he always wanted – a confession that would exonerate his father – was an unexpected kind final gesture from the now nonexistent future supervillain. Henry leaving was a surprise, but I suppose he’s right that his presence might distract from Barry’s double life as the Flash. I’m happy to have this show back and eager to see where it goes, especially considering the allure of one world being in trouble and someone from a different universe trying to help them. It’s going to be a lot to balance, but I think that this show and its signature energy is up for the task.

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