Monday, October 19, 2015

What I’m Watching: Limitless

Limitless: Season 1, Episode 4 “Page 44” (B+)

The best thing about this show is the way that Brian takes advantage of his situation at work to have some good-natured fun. E-mailing with a few interesting people seemed like an entertaining distraction, and it turned into something much more substantial as just one of the many things Brian had on his mind in this hour. I’m happy to see that Rebecca is starting to take on more of Brian’s personality, giving him permission to go slowly on FBI-related tasks so that he can help prove his new friend’s innocence, which in turn led him to prolong his inevitable break-in to steal classified files since he felt bad about betraying her trust. I also enjoyed that she matched his curiosity at finding out what the culprit did with the mouse. On a more serious note, having the Chinese treason confession interspersed with Brian breaking into the office to steal the files made that a very serious act, and the sudden decline in his father’s health demonstrated just how much he is being watched. Faking the files was a smart play, but it seems like those manipulating him are fully aware of his capabilities and won’t be easily fooled. Involving Rebecca’s father and his legacy at just the moment that Brian discovered the file with her father in it also makes everything a bit more dramatic. I still love the comedic moments, like Brian spilling coffee on a top-secret file while wearing a female body inspector shirt and profiling Mike and Ike, both of whose real names he doesn’t know.

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