Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 5, Episode 3 “Super Powers” (B-)

Carrie being crazy has always been one of the most fascinating and volatile aspects of this show. I don’t use that word to refer to her bipolar disorder but rather to the fact that, while on her medication, Carrie decided it would be a good idea to stop so that she could be clearer of mind, and only told her boyfriend several days later that she wanted him to monitor her if she went off the deep end. That definitely happened, as evidenced by her maniacal swallowing of pills and her accusations that drove Jonas away, and it also brought back the more lamentable side effect of her being off her meds, which is hallucinating dead boyfriends who were also onetime terrorist suspects. Aayan’s reappearance was dark, but it is clear that Carrie has a host of enemies, all of whom might want her dead. Quinn abducting Jonas’ son to draw Carrie out was a brutal choice, and it’s a wonder that he didn’t get himself shot by a gun-wielding Carrie ready to exterminate whoever it was who came after her. I’m not overly supportive of the twist that Saul is actually sleeping with Alison, especially since we saw them engage in a major argument about her trying to get him fired that didn’t happen in front of anyone and therefore couldn’t have been for show. Laura continues to try to be as indignant as possible, but getting the real information from her source rather than a decoy swapped out for the actual stuff would be helpful with that.

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