Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Round Two: The Catch

The Catch: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Real Killer” (B)

While I’m not yet committed and fully entranced by this show, I think that my eagerness to see these actors cast in unusual roles succeed may just keep me around. The performances thus far are pretty solid, as it’s clear that neither this top notch private investigator or this con man are as smart as they think they are, namely because the former got conned by the latter and the con man is playing right into the revenge trap set for him by the private investigator. Agent Dao’s interest in catching Ben has led him to circle Alice and trace her every move, even stopping by to pretend to apologize so that he could plant a listening device on her door. Posting an obituary too good for Ben to resist was a brilliant move, and he’s too entranced by his latest mark to notice, which in itself suggests a problematic tendency to go after attractive, powerful women. It’s good that Reggie has his back since he’s drifting far too much towards getting himself caught by Alice without even taking the bait she dropped, and Margot’s reputation of being swift, harsh, and unforgiving seems even more threatening because of her own personal attachment to her number one con artist. I like that there are other plotlines simultaneously at play on this show, like the murder suspect and Ben’s latest mark, making it a layered drama ripe for plenty of soapy storytelling with twists and bombshells around each and every corner.

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