Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 2, Episode 16 “Chapter Thirty-Eight” (B+)

There’s no stopping this renewed whirlwind romance between Jane and Michael, which feels like it might as well have been going on forever. Looking for a new house was a big deal, and even with inanimate objects on the wall talking to Jane, she managed to find something she loved, which had just one drawback: being forty-five minutes away. I did think that Rafael was going to find a way to buy the house and then sell it back at a lower price to Jane and Michael, and I like that they decided to be okay with it even though it ended up being Petra who pulled that stunt instead. I’m eager for Jane, Michael, and Rafael to get back to a good place, and the news that Michael and Rafael are working together on police business after Rafael apparently staged his poorly-conceived call to Michael about trusting his half-brother is another reassuring sign. It’s not surprising at all that Rogelio is all about planning a big wedding where the thought of only seventy-five guests - even just for him - is appalling, and that it’s the opposite of what Jane wants. It was good to see Xiomara step in to help them find some common ground. It was nice to see Alba enjoy some brief happiness, and good for her for making a stand and ensuring that Pablo remembered being kicked out of the Marbella because of his conniving and cheating ways that make him completely not worthy of being with a woman like Alba.

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