Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 1, Episode 18 “Worlds Finest” (B+)

What a fabulous idea to have the Flash appear in an episode of this show, a wonderful multi-network crossover that even managed to poke fun at CBS’ sister broadcast the CW, which airs “The Flash.” I had read weeks ago that Barry Allen was going to be stopping by to bring up Kara’s spirits, and she did have a lot of fun with him. A friend also mentioned that this was a cool crossover episode because it was self-contained and fits in events on the other show without requiring anyone to have an advanced knowledge of either program or even to have seen it, which isn’t the case for the Green Arrow and his band of friends when they’ve appeared on the CW series I enjoy very much. While both this show and that are light-hearted, entertaining takes on young superheroes that can get ultra-serious in seconds, they are different, and Barry’s time spent on this world, cleverly explained away as just another universe since Superman is the only major hero on this show, still worked very well. It was cool to have his theme music playing when he showed up to save the day, and I like that he employed techniques that he perfected in his own timeline and that Winn knew all about the multiverse and that science. Siobhan transformed pretty quickly into Silver Banshee, going heavy on the freaky makeup to team up with Livewire and attempt ill-advised revenge on Supergirl and Kara for how they had harmed her. Having the people rise up and defend her was nice, and it’s just the inspiration she needed as she finally worked up the nerve to kiss James. If only Myriad hadn’t been launched at just that moment, which is sure to make Kara wish that she had some familiar allies, be it Barry, Alex, or Hank, around to help her stop this new and formidable threat.

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