Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 5, Episode 14 “300 Feet” (C)

If there’s one thing I think that this show didn’t need, it was Jess having a restraining order taken out against her. Jess does enough crazy things that appear stalkerish without having to actually be labeled as one, and this episode’s plot was just a recipe for unfunny disaster. Jess going through a car wash was especially silly and unnecessary, and there are so many moments that she could have avoided the situation and just happened not to, which was unfortunate. Naturally, getting back together with Sam, or at least sleeping with him, was an inevitability, and that’s where Winston came in to reference his cop nature and tried to separate them since Jess was very much in violation of the restraining order at that point. I actually like this show a lot more when Jess is in a committed relationship with someone, though I’d prefer that it was Nick or even Ryan to the pretty useless and inconsistent Sam. Nick and Schmidt were off dealing with the competitor who considered them like annoying ants, and of course they turned that into something much bigger than it needed to be. I enjoyed the casting of Busy Philipps as Connie, and I liked every part of Cece’s role in the whole debacle. This show transitions to two episodes per week for the next four weeks to finish out its season, and I’d like to hope for more consistency and quality, and some general direction other than everyone just waiting out the time until Cece and Schmidt finally tie the knot.

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