Friday, April 15, 2016

What I’m Watching: 11.22.63 (Season Finale)

11.22.63: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Day in Question” (B+)

Technically, this is probably the series finale, especially because of the sentimental nature of the ending, but this show hasn’t officially been cancelled and could easily be renewed if Hulu deems it a success. After an entire episode of Jake struggling to remember what happened and piecing together his plan and the grander plan to assassinate JFK, he was much more focused and with it in this hour. The past fought back in an intense way as Jake thought he saw Frank and Sadie thought she saw Johnny as they were rushing through the crowd. Jake’s focus didn’t stop him from fumbling and managing to distract Oswald and get him away from the window after he took the first shot. Sadie dying was an unfortunate turn of events, but the way that it opened up Jake’s perspective on the rest of the episode was actually pretty positive. Getting taken in as the would-be assassin was an unfortunate twist, and for a minute I thought that history wouldn’t be changed in the end and Jake would instead become the second shooter who killed Kennedy, fulfilling the past in whatever twisted way it needed to correct itself. Gil Bellows’ Agent Hosty seemed appropriately shady, and it looked like Jake might be forever trapped in the past. Instead, he got a call from the president and got personally thanked by JFK and by Jackie, which was very gratifying. The future he returned to was incredibly grim, and it’s crazy that he can just jump back into the past, meet Sadie all over again, and go back to the future that he left. Going to the reception honoring an older Sadie as Woman of the Year was very sweet and wonderful, and having her face change back to her younger self as Jake was dancing with her was a nice trick. This show might have been tedious and not as even as I would have been liked, but I think it was worthwhile, if most for this final installment.

Season grade: B-
Season MVP: Sarah Gadon as Sadie

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