Monday, April 11, 2016

Round Two: You, Me, Her

You, Me, Her: Season 1, Episode 2 “Can You Be Cool?” (B+)

This second installment continued the quality and intrigue factor from the pilot without substantially moving the plot forward, indicating that there’s plenty worthwhile to explore in the future. What’s completely clear is that Izzy’s effect on both Jack and Emma is enduring, and that neither of them can get her out of their heads. I’m not sure whose office fantasy was worse since both of them got far too excited with their doors open. Jack ended up earning himself a potential promotion to a plum gig that he should have no trouble getting as long as he doesn’t continue being indiscreet on his work computer, while Emma just had to talk her way out of embarrassing herself with someone who probably wasn’t the son of anyone important. I like that they both tell their confidantes about it, even if they’re not honest with each other about how open they are, instead lying about pooping and other things. Jack and Emma’s marriage is stronger than it’s ever been, though they still can’t compete with morning breath and, of course, fantasizing about the woman that has so enraptured both of them. What’s even better is that Izzy herself gets a major personality, enabling her to be more than just a sex symbol for the two of them. Her main flaw is that she isn’t capable of slowing things down and being real, and the nice guy that she so desperately wants to be with just wants to go on a first date with her instead of jumping into bed. I’m eager to see where episode three and beyond takes us.

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