Thursday, April 14, 2016

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 1, Episode 11 “Magical Thinking” (B)

This was still a good episode, but it wasn’t as even or electric as what has come before this. What this boiled down to was a showcase of long nights had by all the main characters, a time for contemplation, self-exploration, and just letting go. Axe’s session with Wendy was the most official and structured, an attempt for Axe to really open himself up to one of the few people that he trusts. In the process of confessing his sins and getting the weight of shortening Donnie’s life off his conscience, Axe and Wendy managed to alienate both of their spouses. Lara handled it much better than Chuck did, bringing her sister along for a whirlwind night to remember, even though she consumed enough alcohol to forget most of it. Lara and Lou live their lives very differently, and it was good to see them come together for a shared experience. Chuck is a very jealous man, and pulling up to Axe Capital to find Axe and Wendy talking sent him spiraling and headed straight into a sex club to meet with a dominatrix. Finding out he was being followed was an unfortunate development, but not nearly as regrettable as his decision to invade his wife’s privacy and e-mail her notes from the session, a betrayal Wendy is sure to deem unforgivable. I like that Brian and Kate are getting plenty of screen time also, exploring their romance in the most inconvenient of places, namely Chuck’s desk, a total mood killer.

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