Sunday, April 3, 2016

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 1, Episode 10 “Quality of Life” (B+)

Just when you think Axe will cross any line in his ruthless pursuit of everything he ever wanted, there’s Chuck to be as boldly inappropriate as to show up to Donnie’s funeral and publicly shake Axe’s hand just to show him he won’t let him get away with it. That’s not to suggest that Axe is any less monstrous in the way he conducts his business, suggesting a great opportunity for Donnie to make the last of his days and conveniently not telling the man that there might be hope for his recovery after all. This death was the first that this show has really featured, despite all of its high stakes and intense encounters, and now we have a permanent, finite departure that has changed the face of the game. The bigger play, however, was Chuck’s manipulation of the legal system to get Anthony Edwards’ Judge Wilcox to retire before arresting him so that there wouldn’t be anything holding up the replacement of his seat, controlling everything so that he could place exactly the person he wanted in that position. Both of them are going off the rails and refusing to slow down, and Chuck seems to have the upper hand at the moment since Donnie’s death means that Axe isn’t ahead. Though it wasn’t funny for the three hopeful traders who tried to go out on their own and failed miserably, it was entertaining to see Axe pretend to throw a fit and scream at Dollar Bill when he came back in after getting off so that he could plant him to sabotage his newfound competition.

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