Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1, Episode 10 “Progeny” (B)

It’s weird being in the future since the existence of the team isn’t such a crazy thought for Vandal or anyone else, and therefore they’re in considerably more danger. This episode was all about ethical debates since some of the crew believed that killing a kid was justified since it was the only sure way to prevent Vandal’s rise to power. Unfortunately, Rip’s attempt to transmit compassion to Per Degaton, and as a result his perceived weakness only hastened his rise to power with Vandal as his effective mouthpiece. The fact that Rip is so concerned about not destroying the timeline by being present in the same moment twice means that they’re not going to have another shot at this, and instead they’ll have to go back further once again to see where they can really change the tide and figure out a way to set the timeline right. Getting Mick back on their side is a good thing, even if he’s only in it for selfish reasons since he’s now a target of the Time Masters because of his failure to bring them in. I liked Professor Stein’s excitement at verbalizing that they have superpowers, and the best part of this show is always seeing the team in action as they utilize their abilities to take out their foes. The post-1950s romance between Ray and Kendra is going about as well as expected, and he’s being pretty understanding about the impossible circumstances of her immortal bond to Carter. I liked seeing Jewel Staite of fantastic “Firefly” fame even if her role didn’t give her much to do other than to talk about her great-great-great-grandfather and ultimately save the day because she does have Palmer blood in her.

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