Friday, April 29, 2016

What I’m Watching: House of Lies

House of Lies: Season 5, Episode 2 “Game Theory” (B+)

Who knew that Jeannie’s relationship with a man who seemed to be the nicest guy in the world would crash and burn so fast? Forget Ken Marino as a sincere gentleman, and replace him instead with the very casually selfish Mark, who decided that it would be a smart idea to report Jeannie to HR for extensive sexual harassment without thinking it would have any adverse effects on her. That combusted in so many ways, resulting in a humorous montage of Jeannie trying to defend a number of questionable things that she had done and written with Mark and ultimately in her getting fired. That job didn’t last anywhere near as long as I would have expected it to, and now Jeannie is going to be indebted to Marty once again as she finds herself in a very different place. It was strange to see Doug cast in an oddly powerful light in this episode as his “Dungeons and Dragons” enthusiasm came in very handy in helping Marty land a major potential client who thought that he was either professionally or personally interested in her. I like that Marty was so vocal about his contempt for the game and all it stood for, even though he later claimed to have thought that it wasn’t so bad. Wanda Sykes’ guest appearance as Jeremiah’s latest girlfriend was a surprise, though it was quite funny to see Marty’s reaction to a crazy woman in his apartment freaking out at him in the middle of the night and making it seem like he was the intruder.

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