Sunday, April 3, 2016

What I’m Watching: Quantico

Quantico: Season 1, Episode 15 “Turn” (D)

This is definitely the worst episode this show has produced thus far, and I’m annoyed. I’m trying to understand what happened in this episode, and my best guess is this: terrorists used Charlie to find a way to get in to Quantico, killed all the guards at the entrance, and then didn’t even treat to get inside the facility since the lockdown procedures were in place. I can’t comprehend what the point was, and why just one man was wandering aimlessly around in the woods, unable to spot three separate groups of people hiding out and also invisible to the field team responding to the threat. That it turned into one lone gunman breaking into Miranda’s house and holding them hostage made absolutely no sense, and for Charlie to be killed that way hardly felt like a legitimate ending. The notion of a terrorist cell infiltrating FBI training grounds is a legitimately terrifying one, and the execution of that plotline in this episode was absolutely abysmal. Things in the future aren’t much better, as the very poorly-written character of Hannah Wyland led Alex run around too much before finally deciding to check her story and realize that she was right about everything, making her a great ally for Alex who could have been very helpful a long time ago. The news that Shelby’s parents are alive is huge, but is also the umpteenth major revelation that this show is asking us to take as fact when it’s really pretty hard to believe.

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