Saturday, April 2, 2016

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 7, Episode 17 “Express Yourself” (C+)

A lot of this show’s plotlines are based on the simple fact that people are rarely honest with each other, and the confusion that ensues from people trying to cover up unsanctioned or secret actions is the basis for all the comedy that follows. Take Haley and Andy, who are totally different personalities who define the “opposites attract” idiom, and I’m not sure why Haley would have thought that Andy liked her crazy persona when he had always indicated nervousness at the thought of her party lifestyle. Betting everything just to try to be a wild was not a smart move, and it’s just good luck that he managed to win and therefore got to wave around one hundred dollar bills when tipping at a dinner, hardly a smart move in itself. Jay attempting to remodel the bathroom on his own and Gloria destroying it before haplessly flailing to cover it up was yet another instance of the two of them always wanting to be right, and the only worthwhile part was that Gloria admitted that, prior to her unfortunate actions, she was one hundred percent right and he was one hundred percent wrong for the first time. Jay helping Mitchell to get back to a good place felt uncharacteristic since he’s not usually that sentimental, but at least it was an escape from the irritating Tucker family plotline. I don’t see the appeal of Phil and Claire’s last-minute quick getaway to Paris, but it was fun to see them try so hard to stay awake for as long as they could.

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