Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What I’m Watching: House of Lies (Season Premiere)

House of Lies: Season 5, Episode 1 “Creative Destruction Phenomenon” (B+)

Maybe it’s because this show finished its fourth season over a year ago, but I totally forgot all about this show and everything that happened on it. It’s great to have it back, of course, also because it was so exceptional in its first season then not so great after before bouncing back to a general place of quality. It’s nice to see Marty back on top for once since he’s encountered lots of bad luck recently, and of course that brings an air of cockiness and general obnoxiousness best exemplified by Marty using the show’s token freeze-frame technique to interact with his minions and annoy them. Jeannie is back to her old self, though having the baby has changed her somewhat, namely in influencing her to do things like pick up a random baby and nearly start breastfeeding it before being told by concerned parties around her that it was very much not her baby. I enjoyed her chiefs’ musical routine, and she clearly made a good choice to take this job since she’s doing very well for herself. I like that Ken Marino has joined the cast as Mark, Jeannie’s seemingly very nice boyfriend. Clyde and Doug haven’t gotten far, reduced to fighting over who gets Jeannie’s office and not accomplishing much in the meantime. I was excited to see Richard Schiff return as Skip, and I’m intrigued by his offer. I hope that he’ll stick around for a bit and that things will change in an interesting and entertaining way that keeps him involved.

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