Thursday, April 21, 2016

What I’m Watching: Quantico

Quantico: Season 1, Episode 17 “Care” (C-)

So many other shows are ending their seasons, and this series still has a full five episodes left before it takes a break and then launches into the second season that has already been commissioned. Mainly, I don’t feel that we’re getting anywhere, though the end of this episode provided a clue that prompted many to think that the long-secret identity of the terrorist has been revealed. After sixteen episodes of secretive actions and clandestine phone calls, I can’t imagine that “The Voice” would be careless as to roll down her window and give away her true identity, and I’m all but certain that Shelby is just a pawn. Seeing her there was especially unfortunate given the episode she had, so overjoyed to finally see her parents after the heartbreak of losing out on a relationship with them for so many years. Caleb really is a good friend to protect Shelby in the way that he did, acting to ensure that they got out of Shelby’s life the moment that he realized that they were up to no good, manipulating their daughter into giving them money rather than trying to build an actual relationship with them. The border crossing exercise was just the latest in a series of incredibly unbelievable training simulations that couldn’t possibly happen in real life. Raina and Nimah really did win by deceiving Liam, and I’m not quite sure why Alex got so off course that they ended up in the middle of nowhere covered in snow while everyone else was traveling comfortably. Oh, the many inconsistencies and unexplained script decisions on this show.

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