Monday, April 4, 2016

What I’m Watching: Togetherness

Togetherness: Season 2, Episode 6 “Geri-ina” (B+)

The final three episodes of this show are going to be hopelessly bittersweet since they’re the last we’ll ever see of these fantastic characters on the latest show HBO decided isn’t worth investing in more despite its incredible quality. What this episode provided was a somber bursting of bubbles for three of its protagonists, with Alex winning out with a million-dollar contract offer as the sole exception. Anna went from Michelle’s saving grace and number one ally to her biggest foe, trying to seize the reins of the charter school project from her forcefully. I love that Tina immediately commented that she didn’t like her, and that she was more than willing to provide a distraction while Michelle snuck upstairs to check her sent mail and confirm what she suspected all along. While pushing her in the pool was inarguably therapeutic, I’m not sure how well that will serve Michelle’s cause in the long run. After a surprisingly successful test run of involving Dudley in their “Dune” project, evictions notwithstanding, Alex finally let Brett hear the truth that he needs to wake up from his vacation from his life and all responsibility. Though I’m obviously rooting for Brett and Michelle to work out, it was hard not to love the dynamic between Natalie and Brett when she gave him a hard time for coming over and then welcomed him in with open arms. Casting Paul Lieberstein, best known as Toby on “The Office,” as the man to give Tina the news that maybe she isn’t all that she claims to be anymore either, was a smart, entertaining, and fittingly uncomfortable choice.

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