Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What I'm Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 5, Episode 13 "Sam, Again" (C)

Sometimes, I just don't get this show. It's such a disappointment to see this show devolve into sitcom tropes that are often found on far poorer and less sophisticated series, yet it seems to be happening with increasing frequency these days. Jess has always been her own person, and in a way, she's a perfect fit for a school that employs a feelings chair as a conflict resolution tool. But when she seems normal in comparison, that's a problem, and it makes everything feel ridiculous. I'm not sure what role Lucy Punch could have played that would have been toned down enough, though she was great on "Ben and Kate," and Genevieve was grating at best. Seeing David Walton's Sam was a surprise, to be sure, but not a good one, since I don't believe for a second that the obnoxious pediatrician Jess used to date would turn into a bearded hippie before shaving and turning right back into his former self. Jess being incredibly awkward about everything is consistent with her personality, and therefore things got predictably uncomfortable. Schmidt quaranting anyone who got sick so that he didn't catch it was silly, and I think the best part of that whole plotline was a brief snippet of his work life with his boss' horrible reaction to someone being sick and him being mocked for holding in a sneeze. Cece and Nick, different as they are, made an entertaining sick duo, and faker Winston did his best to contribute to that dynamic but of course failed due to the fact that he wasn’t actually sick.

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