Thursday, April 14, 2016

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 5, Episode 7 “Hello Kitty” (B+)

It was interesting to see this episode’s events play out while our main characters struggled with their inability to interact quietly during Adam’s avant-garde play. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Hannah would find it acceptable to get out of trouble with the principal for telling her students that she hated their fellow teachers by inappropriately flashing him, and it’s about time Fran spoke up to let her know how much this bothered him, particularly the fact that she didn’t think it would upset him at all. Hannah realizing that Jessa and Adam were sleeping together was quite a thing to watch, and she didn’t manage to find any of the moral support she needed at that moment thanks to other things going on in the lives of her friends. Marnie pulling Ray aside to tell him that she broke it off with Desi and was excited to be alone was the epitome of her lack of self-awareness. She also did a very poor job of sticking to her guns, eagerly welcoming Desi back into her life, even if not immediately in a romantic sense, as soon as he showed up to tell her that they might have scored a major music gig. More than ever before, Elijah feels apart from the group, but his storyline is pretty worthwhile. The way that Dill played of fthe insignificance and irrelevance of the disparaging claims Elijah heard was extremely smooth and dismissive, and for the moment it seems like Elijah is content with how things are. It’s intriguing to hear that he finds Dill’s friends nice and genuine while he feels that his friends, our girls, are mean people.

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