Friday, April 1, 2016

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 2, Episode 15 “He Blinded Me with Science” (B+)

This episode was full of major developments about most of our characters, some of which were considerably more life-changing and deadly. It was interesting to see both Liv and Blaine on the same brain, which allowed them to talk circles around Ravi because of their vast inherited knowledge about science. Blaine’s back in a big way, making sure to take precautions and ensure that he won’t lose out even if he goes missing or dies, staying out of Boss’ business and commissioning Major to put on a new target on his list: Drake. The timing on that proved to be particularly unfortunate, since Liv was starting to doubt his inherent goodness and him not showing up further supported that theory. The fact that Major was the one who took him out makes it even worse, and I’m hoping that truth won’t come to light anytime soon. Liv going undercover with some makeup and a blonde wig was a change, and while Ravi was disgusted, others seem quite intrigued, and it was only Gilda who managed to spot her for who she truly was. Things didn’t turn out too well for Gilda after that, however, as Vaughn’s eagerness to push the limits of his treadmill-running zombie led to the quick demise of his main researcher and then his daughter getting caught in a losing situation, one in which he happily abandoned her. She made it up the elevator but not into his office, and the confirmation that he has no conscience and doesn’t even care about his daughter makes him a formidable and frightening villain.

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