Sunday, April 3, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 7, Episode 18 “Unmanned” (B)

As this show gets closer to its end, some of the loose ends are starting to be tied up, and not in the way I might have expected. Peter coming home to find Jason in the apartment elicited a very angry and tense reaction, leading to Jason leaving and not answering Alicia’s calls. It was fantastic to see that, once she heard what happened, she marched right into Peter’s office and demanded a divorce, and then insisted that Jason come over again that night. Peter agreeing to give her whatever she wanted as long as she stood by him during her indictment was a surprise, and it’s nice to know that she’ll finally be able to live honestly. Anna Camp’s Caitlin was a formidable adversary on the opposing side of the drone case for Alicia and Diane, and what a tumultuous and complex case that was, where Caitlin kept trying to point to the judge’s bias and ended up winning in a big way mainly due to the actions of Scott Cohen’s Dr. Nachmann. David Lee teaming up with Howard to make sure they both benefited from eventual buyouts by Diane was the last straw for Cary, and I hope he’ll find success and recognition elsewhere after being miserably treated by those he worked to forge honest partnerships with. AUSA Fox approaching Marissa signaled an enormous problem for Eli, and hiring Diane and agreeing to testify was a big development, one which is sure to change things in an unpredictable way.

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