Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Round Two: Severance

Severance: Season 1, Episode 2 “Half Loop” (B+)

This show continues to be very intriguing in its second outing, showing how peculiar the work world of Lumon is and how different things are on the outside. It’s interesting to hear what Dylan thinks they’re doing and what the state of the world must be, and to see the impact of scary numbers appearing for the first time for Helly. It’s likely true that Helly is right about the code detectors not being a thing, and that the careful coordination of Milchick seeing what was happening and the elevators not letting her out were staged to make everyone believe that. How Pete achieved the un-severing remains unknown, and seeing how it manifested for him standing by the sink and in the shower was intense. I’m curious to see if Mark is in fact able to go back in and steal the plans that he did so that Pete can confirm what he’s been reconstructing in his head. The most disturbing part of this episode was Irving being disciplined for nodding off at his desk, though we did get to briefly meet two colorful characters played by Christopher Walken and Dichen Lachman, and I’d love to see more of both of them in the future. The way Mark reacted to the protesters after he got drunk on his date also showed the pent-up resentment he has to those who don’t understand why someone would volunteer for this split life, something he’ll likely come around to after thinking more about that tape of him in the break room.

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