Friday, February 18, 2022

What I’m Watching: Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna: Season 1, Episode 7 “Cash on Delivery” (B+)

Well, here we got both another extended showcase of Katie Lowes acting and an answer about why Vivian wasn’t able to find Rachel. The news that she got scooped by Vanity Fair was indeed devastating and potentially catastrophic, but Vivian was able to pitch her passion and also the fact that she wasn’t part of the story in order to get the opportunity to continue pursuing it, literally right up until her water broke just seconds after Kacy agreed to be quoted in the article without her name being used. Neff showing up to Vivian’s office angry about how Anna was portrayed was very telling of how she was still loyal to her friend, which Rachel maintained that attitude for an insanely long time until she finally went to file a police report with some extremely unsympathetic police officers who essentially told her that no crime had been committed and that everything was her fault. It was astonishing to see how harsh and cruel Anna was when Rachel was crying in front of her and begging her to pay her back, and then she literally ran away and got into a taxi so that she could flee the situation. Anna’s reaction to being blacklisted from hotels and required to provide payment upfront showed how the walls were closing in, and the fact that she skipped her first court appearance with a dumbstruck Todd suggests that treatment of her later will not be kind. It’s interesting that Rachel was the one who went to the prosecution first, and I’m extremely intrigued to see what happens now that Anna is going to be held to account, even if that doesn’t make it into Vivian’s story since motherhood has now officially started for her.

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