Wednesday, February 23, 2022

What I’m Watching: Space Force

Space Force: Season 2, Episode 6 “The Doctor’s Appointment” (B+)

It was fun to open this episode with a few mostly terrible ideas about a new theme for Space Force and then to hear one of them played over the brief opening credits sequence for this show. Mark was far too distracted by his efforts to appear strong and capable to believe Adrian’s diagnosis that he might have a kidney stone, and of course Brad’s total incompetence would lead to its removal being streamed to the main screen for everyone to see. Mark’s very real doctor’s appointment, which he of course walked out of minutes into it because he doesn’t believe in therapy, caused serious panic among those who were rightfully worried that Space Force might not continue to have its funding and that Mark might be on his way out. Angela and Tony teaming up to go to a real estate seminar just led to them bragging about Angela having been on the moon, and Chan wasn’t happy to see the two of them being so close. Chan has the harder decision to make given that his complete excitement about the virtual SpaceX tour got him the job and not Adrian, who couldn’t stand it and who vomited repeatedly into a trash can during that demo. I like that Erin, who was given a job that even Chan admitted wasn’t actually that important, ended up serving a much greater purpose by reminding a desperate Captain Lancaster of the sounds and feelings of food and fresh air. That Time Magazine cover came out just fine, but the accompanying story is not going to make Mark or any of his current colleagues very happy.

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