Tuesday, February 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Space Force

Space Force: Season 2, Episode 2 “Budget Cuts” (B+)

I couldn’t contain my laughter at three separate moments in this episode, all involving Angela, and nearly spat out the water I was drinking at one point. Saying “Earp” rather than “Earth” after otherwise perfectly reciting the party line was the first moment, nearly eating the anchorman’s earpiece was the second, and saying “in in” instead of “within” was the third. There’s something just so simple and amazing about Tawny Newsome’s delivery that makes the smartest person on this show so funny when she just doesn’t say the right word. Chan holding a focus group with his colleagues to figure out if Angela was into him or not was entertaining, and Erin gave some pretty good advice to him for someone who’s about to invest her college fund in the stock market based off a friend’s tip that’s sure not to pan out. The cuts that Mark was forced to make to the budget weren’t looking good, but after both Mark and Adrian freaked out about the news they had to tell each other, things were in much better shape with the karaoke-assisted Christmas party. Mark and Adrian aren’t great at following through in the moments where they need to deliver bad news, and telling Patton Oswalt’s isolated astronaut that the Jets were headed to the World Series when in actuality they were in last place is exactly the kind of massive overcorrection that’s going to ultimately come back to haunt them when he needs to return to the real world.

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