Sunday, February 20, 2022

What I’m Watching: How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father: Season 1, Episode 6 “Stacey” (B+)

It’s a pretty small world, apparently, with two siblings being interested in the same woman and another guy taking his new girlfriend to the same place he brought his ex just two years earlier. I did enjoy the awkwardness of Ellen trying to keep Mia from spilling the beans to Jesse, who was especially fragile after his high-profile proposal fail, and seeing that Mia literally turned around from kissing Ellen to meeting Jesse showed how little of a gap there was between her interest in the siblings. Interrupting a dinner to call in a bomb threat to Panera felt a bit extreme, and she’s really not a good fit for either of them. Charlie trying to level the playing field with Valentina about ex talk went very poorly, and his typically overdramatic gesture of burning his passport sends a strong sign but also means that he can’t go anywhere even if he wants to in the future. Sophie spiraling about Stacey led to the worst possible mistake, and running away with Drew’s phone was hardly the most mature option. But I love that Drew read the texts on his computer and then was still ready to apologize right away when she walked through the door, making them seem like the perfect couple who we’ll all be very sad to see break up when that inevitably happens. It looked like things might not be good for Sid and Hannah, but fortunately his Kit Kat peace offering came with some genuine feelings that set them back on the right track. I’ll also acknowledge the brief guest appearance of Matt Letscher, who also showed up on “Legends of Tomorrow” a few weeks ago, as a supporter of Sid’s BOE.

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