Friday, February 18, 2022

What I’m Watching: Suspicion

Suspicion: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Devil You Know” (B+)

This episode ended at a very different point than where it started, and it’s hard to know now who’s actually on the good side of things. Eddie’s decision to track down Aadesh immediately after he got released following his all-too-casual attitude during his interview was puzzling, and it made it much easier for them to appear guilty, something that Tara was fully aware of when they showed at her door. Sean was surprised that his name and photo were all over the news but he also knew enough to apparently send someone else in his stead to get the money from Natalie and shoot her, an operation bungled badly by the law enforcement agents watching who weren’t able to stop her from getting shot or catch the man on the bike. Having them all thrown in a van with Natalie and Monique and then threatened at gunpoint to tell them where Leo was suggests that maybe it was Katherine who had hired them, but Sean’s presence there to help them get away is much more of a mystery. We know that he has killed people before and felt no remorse, but maybe his involvement isn’t what we think it is. Scott did go ahead and call Katherine directly to report, which is certainly an abuse of power given that she’s not supposed to be in charge of the investigation. Monique getting shot and left behind on the tarmac makes it seem like she’s not going to make it, a development that is sure to fill Natalie with guilt if she manages to survive this.

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