Monday, February 14, 2022

What I’m Watching: Peacemaker

Peacemaker: Season 1, Episode 7 “Chapter 07: Stop Dragon My Heart Around” (B+)

It’s not a good idea to get attached to characters on this show since they tend to get killed off without much warning. We even got the news that Murn was well aware that Leota was Waller’s daughter and that he had put her on the team anyway, and then he went ahead and sacrificed himself so that everyone else could get away. It seemed like he might be able to escape when he flew out as the butterfly following the riddling of his host body with bullets, but Goff, in Sophie’s body, quickly extinguished any hope of that. I like that Harcourt was unanimously selected as the team leader in his place at the end of the episode, and she’s level-headed enough to think through their next stage of the plan, which is going to involve them taking on one hell of an enemy. Auggie and his white supremacist entourage were intense in their pursuit of Peacemaker, and Vigilante, Economos, and Eagly stepped in to provide some serious support and take them out once and for all. Tying the helmet to a raccoon and Vigilante gathering up all the helmets to put them in the trunk because he thought they expensive were humorous moments in the midst of all the gunfire. It was nice for Leota to be able to see Eagly give Peacemaker a hug, though he seems very angry at her, a sentiment which should hopefully subside when they have to fight together to save the planet. Judomaster taking out the two idiots who were making fun of him eating Cheetos was an entertaining and expected development, and he wasn’t nearly as equipped to fight Harcourt and Leota. I’m sure the finale is going to be full of action, and I do hope there’s a season two coming soon.

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