Friday, February 25, 2022

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 6, Episode 5 “Rock of Eye” (B+)

Whatever the reason or the endgame, it’s not usually a good idea to bring someone new into a company without checking with other employees since it tends to be seen as a hostile move. In the case of Philip, who happened to be Scooter’s nephew, Prince had a clear plan, one that Victor, Tuk, and Ben Kim might not mind, but Bonnie wasn’t prepared to accept any sort of demotion. While it’s possible she may return, I do think that Sarah Stiles, a Tony-nominated actress, deserves better than what has essentially amounted to a bit part. Fortunately, her fellow Broadway alumna Condola Rashad has found even meatier material with Kate as she steps in to go further than Wendy might want her to and to help save Taylor when they made a bold and ultimately successful play. I enjoyed the fact that Mafee and Dollar Bill both thought the other was going to swap out the real burger for the vegan substitute and as a result did not. I had wondered how long it would take Chuck to find a replacement for Kate, and he did that almost right away. Though we haven’t seen Dave before on this show, actress Sakina Jaffrey has an extensive resume that includes regular roles on “Timeless,” “Defending Jacob,” and the part that’s probably most relevant for this show, “House of Cards.” It was interesting to see Prince’s family dinner with plenty of fanciness and discussion of principles, and his eventual decision to get Sweeney on board by naming the stadium after him. I’m not sure that Chuck Sr.’s love life is all that intriguing, but Wendy showing up to help him and concluding that she can’t do anything without being transactional is definitely a worthwhile focus.

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