Wednesday, February 23, 2022

What I’m Watching: Space Force

Space Force: Season 2, Episode 5 “Mad (Buff) Confidence” (B+)

I like when characters get invested in particular things and apply much more effort than they usually one to that area of interest. That was the case for multiple characters in this episode, which was fun. Chan and Angela using their mentees to compete and then argue very publicly about the status of their relationship was entertaining, especially when Chan’s mentee knew that he was being lured into a trap by Angela saying that he was the best sex she had ever had. I do think there’s still hope for them as a couple, but it doesn’t look great at the moment. Tony was uncharacteristically motivated to make this product partnership work, and Mark was actually impressed by the ad he put together, which was far more toned-down and respectful than what they ended up producing. Adrian taking such an interest in Erin’s academic future was fun because he literally hid next to a vending machine so that he wouldn’t be seen. It turns out that Erin did take her advice to be truthful and honest about what she wanted, and it sounds like it went well for her even if she wasn’t at all into taking the next steps that might come from her successful transparency. Maggie has gotten quite aggressive since serving Mark with divorce papers, and that makes the two of them being co-parents even more difficult than it already is. I enjoyed seeing the confused look on Mark’s face when Erin mentioned her stock market performance.

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