Saturday, February 12, 2022

Take Three: The Gilded Age

The Gilded Age: Season 1, Episode 3 "Face the Music" (B+)

The characters on this show definitely don’t have an understanding of what justice and equality truly mean, since most believe that one group of people are entitled to something and that everyone else has to play by the rules. George was understandably upset that Patrick had reneged on the deal, choosing to manipulate the stocks instead, and they felt the consequences of that very quickly with the stock not changing in the way they expected it to thanks to George secretly buying all of it. Patrick sending his wife to beg Bertha to convince George to change his mind was met with a matter-of-fact response, and George was even less kind when Patrick knelt in front of him. It seemed inevitable that Patrick would take his own life, and I’m curious to see if George or Bertha will be moved by that or consider it to be what he deserved. Peggy’s meeting with the editor was demoralizing, being told that she had “never mentioned that she was Black” and that she would need to both take out any Black characters from her story and renounce any claim to it being her work. People don’t seem to have great intentions, as evidenced by the speed with which Ada’s would-be suitor Cornelius, played by the dependable Bill Irwin, realized he had to leave when Agnes explained to him that Ada had nothing to offer him in the way of money or a place to live. Marian getting a proposal is a major development, one she’s not likely to seriously consider given what Agnes has told her about how she feels about the matter.

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