Sunday, February 13, 2022

What I’m Watching: Angela Black

Angela Black: Season 1, Episode 5 (B+)

I keep hoping that, every time Angela verbalizes any one of her theories, that she’s also secretly recording something or telling someone in her life that she can trust, because the longer she keeps it all to herself, the likelier it is that it’s all going to be considered her losing her grip on reality. Gwen is sympathetic and knows Olivier, and she of all people would probably be able to understand what he was capable of to be a character witness and defend Angela when the time comes. But instead, she’s going into her old house to look for incriminating documents, calling up the man who isn’t Ed to yell at him for ruining her life when there’s absolutely no reason he would want to help her now given that’s what he claimed to be doing the first time they met, and then telling Olivier exactly what she knows about him. It was a relief at least that Angela got a police officer to accompany her to her former home so that she could gather her belongings, which she did use as a ruse to snoop and to fortunately not get caught, even though she missed Olivier entering the house while she was looking through his files. I’d like to hope for a positive resolution here, but with only one episode left and Olivier only getting angrier and more duplicitous, that just doesn’t seem likely at this point. But Angela is a strong character and she’s also getting more resolved to win her life back, so maybe things will look up.

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