Tuesday, February 22, 2022

What I’m Watching: Space Force

Space Force: Season 2, Episode 3 “The Chinese Delegation” (B+)

Erin may have invested away her college fund, but she doesn’t appear to have great prospects for her future either, with Mark trying to drum up enthusiasm about her career as a cement mason while Maggie suggests bribing a coach to put her on a sports team because she’s already in prison and doesn’t mind an extended sentence. She did do much better by her father’s side when he had to meet the Chinese representatives, and I enjoyed all of the preparation they went through to make sure that he would be on his best and most culturally sensitive behavior. Tony knowing how to speak the language was a definite surprise, and I like that Chan had to point out that he is Chinese. The general showing up in a cowboy hat indicated that they were also making their misguided attempts to seem friendly, or maybe just to mock them, like Adrian’s nemesis, who was convinced that there was an actor playing the astronaut who had landed on the moon decades earlier. The friendship between Tony and Chan is endearing and funny, and it was great to see them celebrate that Angela had put the astronaut in the friend zone even though she didn’t appear to be open to a relationship with Chan either. Mark and the general bonding over how annoying the people they have to work with were was a terrific opportunity for them to drink a ton by themselves and end up compromising right in the middle before Mark was about to start saying things he definitely didn’t mean and the general just collapsed on the floor. Mark behaving a bit less rigidly is fun to see, and it was nice that Erin was able to bring him home and take care of him when he needed it.

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