Wednesday, February 23, 2022

What I’m Watching: Space Force

Space Force: Season 2, Episode 4 “The Europa Project” (B)

This wasn’t the most sophisticated use of one of the seven precious episodes we’ll get this season, but there was still humor to be found. Mark reacting in a very serious and unforgiving way when a prank was played on him while he was in the middle of a meeting was the obvious setup for him to pull one of his own, which ended up catching all of them off-guard. It was definitely awkward when he announced on the loudspeaker that he was impressed with the prank that he had been served with divorce papers, which would have been extremely inappropriate had it been the case and which was quite evidently the real thing. I wonder if we’ll ever learn what Maggie did to result in her being incarcerated for decades, and I assume that it’s a secret that the showrunners will wait to reveal for a long time, which won’t be a great idea since this show could easily not be renewed for a third season (though I hope it will be). I did enjoy that Tony was willing to help Chan as hype man when Chan made him so uncomfortable by stuffing an incredible number of nuggets into his mouth, and Tony did come through with quite the presentation on his best bud’s behalf. While I thought the encounter might dig further into Tony being single and Angela helping him with that, it turned instead into Angela asking Tony to break up with Chan for her, which he did thanks to an equally strong presentation that caught the devastated Chan far more by surprise.

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