Saturday, February 19, 2022

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 6, Episode 4 “Burn Rate” (B+)

I’m surprised it took this show six seasons to start showing how much all of its characters are worth based on the cost of their outfits alone, but it was an effective tool that highlighted how easily someone like Prince can just greenlight a $22 million endeavor after a thirty-second pitch. Unfortunately, the magic number that Prince, Taylor, and Rian discussed does seem to be all too fluid and ever-growing, and Taylor probably could do a lot of good if they focused solely on that and didn’t try to just make more for the rest of their lives. I enjoyed seeing Matt Servitto again as Governor Bob Sweeney, who enjoys being wined and dined and hasn’t yet settled on who he’s backing yet. The big surprise of this episode, which I was thrilled to see because I like that it can still be fresh six seasons is, was that Kate decided to take the job offer Prince was dangling and accept it rather than act as Chuck’s spy. He should have seen that coming given how he was prepared to perpetually use her to help him rather than support her career goals, and I think that the scene of them talking privately indicates that it’s not a ruse and instead is going to shift things in a big way. Prince does have a recklessness and ferociousness that makes him feel like a villain, but if he’s actually one of the good guys, what does that make Chuck? I’m intrigued to see how he responds and who becomes his new loyal right hand.

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