Saturday, February 12, 2022

What I’m Watching: Somebody Somewhere

Somebody Somewhere: Season 1, Episode 4 “Feast of St. Francis” (B+)

I like that, sometimes, things do work out for Sam, like when she stepped in to take out a red wine stain with a clever white wine trick that at first seemed invasive and then turned out to be truly helpful. She wasn’t sure that her presence was wanted when she was out axe-throwing, and then it turned out to be a setup, which seemed to go pretty well. I’m glad that she finally confronted Rick, who caught on to her very obviously tailing him and appeared to be genuinely fearful about Sam telling Tricia that he was dealing drugs. Unfortunately, after everything and Sam being a tremendous help during the event, she saw something she shouldn’t have, which is now a secret that’s going to make her the enemy whether she tells her or keeps it to herself. Tricia freaking out about how the Kansas rainbow may be misinterpreted for a different kind of rainbow was entertaining, and Sam pointing it out gleefully only added to her panic. Ed wanting to keep his wife being in rehab a secret made some sense, and I like that he showed up to the store in the suit that he planned to be buried in with a perfect cover story and an appetite for cheese. Joel does have a gift that he could use to help others at the church, but the intensity of the rash that he developed when Pastor Deb said she wanted to meet with him indicated that he’s just not capable of lying and feels enough guilt about it to feel like he’s not worthy of the title.

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